Basic Things Related to Hot Tub Repair Lexington Sc

A modern spa comprises of no less than one pump, and in a lot of cases up to 5 various pumps. Most spas or hot tubs nowadays possess 2-3 pumps. This particular article is going to include several of the basic items concerning a Hot Tub Service and Pump Repair. Your hot tub pump performs typically these tasks: It moves the water over the heating unit so as to heat it. It circulates the water over the filter which will continue to keep the water safe and clean. It supplies the hydro therapy features. It provides mist (if a mister is installed). It distributes ozone throughout the hot tub water. It circulates the spa chemical substances in the water. Clearly one of the most important spa parts that should be monitored to avoid a hot tub spa repair.For more details browse the hot tub repair lexington sc site

The actual pumps, being mechanical pieces of equipment, are most likely to be one of the first spa parts that you will have to deal with as the spa becomes more mature. Nearly all of the actual pump troubles and problems tend to be due to the upcoming reasons: Bad water chemistry upkeep and failure to detect the first signs that the pump might be deteriorating. The cost of using hot tubs repair companies to fix the damage caused, should the problem be allowed to continue, could be extortionate.

Exactly what do I mean by this? Well, inside the pump between the “dry end” of the pump, the motor unit, and the “wet end” of the pump, there is a small ceramic seal. This seal is in continuous contact with the water in the spa, and it is therefore vulnerable to the state of the water.

When the hot tub water is too acidic (below 7.0 ph) the acid in the water will start to erode the seal and when that problem remains undetected the seal may produce a small leak. This leak will be a drip initially and almost impossible to detect. Over time you will start to notice a small continuous stream of water emerge from underneath the hot tub. At this point you’ve got yourself a real problem.

If you are able to catch the leak at this point, your repair will most likely comprise of simply changing the seal. It should set you back less than $200. However, if this kind of leak continues increasing undetected, you’ll most likely end up with water leaking directly into the motor. The motor will then seize up or stop operating.

The moral of this particular story is; When you see just a tiny amount of water coming out from beneath the hot tub, switch off the spa, shut off the circuit breaker feeding the spa and call your Spa or Hot Tub Services Company. To discover exactly how you can easily help prevent the above happening yourself and how to watch out for the warning signs, make sure you read the resource box down below? Don’t get caught out with a massive hot tubs repair bill.